Zadar Sunset

Why choose Gold Star

 Gold Star Adventures have been around since 2000. Growing up around the travel industry we saw a niche not being served. The vast majority of travel, boat rental and excursion agencies are not actually based in Zadar area or even in Croatia, and Gold Star is not only local company, but we know each tour provider personally and through the years we have been working together with them aiming to improve the service.

 Why does this matter?

 Each available tour around here is handled by a different provider and experiences you can get may vary significantly. The transportation to the designated areas can also be very different kind of experience depending on a transfer company of your chioce.  Unfortunately, some of the providers out there only „herd“ people with very little concern for the guests' satisfaction, while there are some that really go an extra mile to bring you the best possible service. For these reasons we make sure that the excursion provider stands up to our Gold Star quality standards and that your transportation is just as pleasant experience.

 Yacht Rentals

 This is another thing where Gold Star simply can't be matched. When chartering a boat and hiring a skipper, you are putting the safety of your family or friends into someone else's hands. There are many agencies based outside the country and as such they have no real picture of the condition of a particular boat or the quality of service in a particular charter base. We recognize these things and make sure that all the boats we recommend are personally examined by our „in house“ skipper who has been in the business for the last 20 years. Beacuse of these reasons we are always up-to-date on the quality of service in any given marina or a charter company. We also hold the skippers we do business with to the same high Gold Star standard as we do with the tour providers and transportation companies; we only pick the best of the best.

 At Gold Star we are always striving to give you not only a memorable excperience for your family or friends, but also to make your next visit even a better one by carefully listening to your wishes and constantly evolving and improving our services. And that is what sets us apart from the rest.